Sign in Already have an account? Now go to your Device Manager. It’s only one controller listed: Then I do the same for controller 2, confirm installation That’ correct, 2 seen in XP and 1 in win7. Hey, I figured it out. Sort by Author Post time Ascending Descending.

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Why are you mentioning the DVD drive? Yep, in spite of my recently having put in a newer CMOS battery, the battery was low.

So please tell asus p5q ahci what you thing cause there are so many models out there Your regedit changes confirmed the use of the generic IDE driver named pciide. Thanks alot, absolutely great guide. I did not schedule any delays. Double clicked reg file to install to registry.

HOW TO switch from IDE to AHCI mode without having to reinstall Win XP (GUIDE)

Please read my first post again and pay more attention to the part labeled “Second Step”. New battery measured 3.


Thanks to Jack Asus p5q ahci. Ok I have tried everything and this does not work.

Your browser is out of date.

The first is a Windows 10 problem, I think. Save and exit the Bios and reboot. The othe INF file named iaStor.

Reboot and enter the BIOS while rebooting. I boot to XP via bootloader.

Okay, another day or two has allowed me to gain some perspective on this. Or sign in with one of these services. The new one will serve me for my work as a video and sound editor but also, cause work’s not everything, to dual boot and asus p5q ahci while thinking of slaying some random ahc disrespectfull diretor!

Jul 25, Posts: But to answer your question very quickly as it is an easy one: Put it in, and so far, so asus p5q ahci. Zod Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor Tribus: Sign In Sign Up. Browse to the folder where auci extracted the intel drivers and install the matching chipset driver.


I’m getting conflicting info while searching, some say use the just the AHCI driver, but say if I hook up a sata dvd-rw drive it won’t work. I believed that because the drive would only asus p5q ahci appear during drive enumeration.

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Wed Nov 27, 4: SSD Crucial go Not for too long though! Nov 16, Posts: Whatever I tried, it wouldn’t work, until I tried ahci mode. Posted February 3, Thu Mar 22, asus p5q ahci Please enter a reason for warning.

I think the method should be mentioned in the first post for newbies like me.