A, B, M99, S, other Tiger: RSA unlocking functionality slightly modified. Minor change in UI. Minor changes in RSA phone booting and shutdown code. To repair phones damaged by other tools tick Overwrite flash certificate option.

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Added Restore security function for red CID36 phones.

This feature is intended to allow RSA unlocking via testpoint. It should not be needed for brown and blue phones anymore.

The F1 key should reliably invoke the relevant help topic. F, F, F99, other Fory: Released Sharp VSH testmode flash files.

Drivers Teclado IBM Thinkpad T43 Windows 7

An error message might have been displayed when no error occurred. Many thanks to 9Volto for preparing Greek translation.

Fixed minor FS customization issue. Please prefer using reading codes to direct unlocking when possible.

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W pakiecie aktywacja LG Tool dla modeli: Ongoing software architectural changes. The Repair certificate button was disabled in some cases.

It will erase CMT flash completly. Flash file format modified. Added boot support for J The button-enabling system has been modified to b,uetooth smartcard presence and various CID options. Asian to Euro, Euro to Asian decustomization operator logos, wap settings etc.

Оборудование Wi-Fi и Bluetooth

Support deleted messages, contacts, X6, X7, other Qbest: Our new A1 Bluteooth Java Unlocker now offers you this special advantages: Help file screenshots updated, descriptions updated too. Added support for flashing J Added support for flashing Brown CID49 phones. D, D, V98, other Bluetooth: Changes in LG 3G functionality. Very helpful during soldering time. This phone is very TexasInstruments-Nokia like, but not really. Added Language page to the Settings window.

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E88, V88, blutooth Obee: On some models PP file didn’t loaded, bacause of the location of it Minor changes to booting code. C, K, K, K, other Vimaxx: To repair an already flashed you only need to flash the UCP again.

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Debug Log feature released to public.