T Tablet group bit bit 14 indicating the address is directed to a group of tablets the number of which is contained in the tablet address. The other required signal, 0 WS , indicates to the host processor the circuit addressed is capable of zero wait-state operation and is generated by logically ANDing the outputs from positive-OR gates – through positive-AND gate with open-collector output The interface may be configured to operate many digitizers from a single host. If absent, the remaining coordinate tests and adjustments are skipped. S Status bit bit 14 which is set for a response packet.

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Method and apparatus for single source entry of analog and digital data into a computer. The region is then examined to determine whether it contains a Stored Procedure. Digitizers are frequently used to draw information into an application program or select some application command via a button press or release. The method of claim 21 wherein the definition of a regional coordinate system is received from the second program and the second program is an application program.

M ACROS Macro commands govern the capture, playback and release of region events and are applicable only at the tablet layer. Macros record and play events only within regions which: Now also assume the user moves the cursor across the digitizer device surface until it cxlcomp positioned over Region 6 and releases calomp 1. Conversely, data paths between the PIO and BIU are accomplished by connecting the data outputs of flip-flops – pins Q 0 through Q 7 and data inputs of flip-flops – pins D 0 through D 7 to the host processor data bus labelled SD[ 0.

Packet Protocol All communication between the Interface and host processor is accomplished via packets which comprise two or more bit words. Event packets are only generated from within regions and therefore the region address is always valid.

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C the circuit will respond to. TABLET Tablet address bits indicating the address of the tablet or group to which a command or response is directed or generated. Since the use of decoupling capacitors is considered good digital design, is well-known and does not affect 23108 functionality of the circuit, they are not discussed in detail.

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The method of claim 35 further comprising:. CPU to HPI data calcom; are synchronized by flip-flop with preset and clear which records the state of the SCU output buffers – as to whether data has been written and read.

Note that while each region’s rotation value is different see listing 1 for each region under the Procedure heading and Argument 1 columnsthe address of each command is always Region 0 This jumper allows for one or none of up to eight different interrupt signals to the host to be chosen. Event packets take two forms depending on whether coordinate data has been enabled. However, the preferred embodiment utilizes the nine-bit serial communications mode inherent in the microprocessor of the circuit as described below utilizing the topology and architecture of the BITBUS Interconnect Serial Control Bus across an EIA serial communications link.

T Tablet group bit 15 address. The method of claim 55 further comprising:.

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The region layer 10 provides the highest level of abstraction to the application program and from which all user-events are generated. Each region permits the specification of individual coordinate systems or stored sequences of commands. Each of these regions may possess various attributes which collectively permit the specification of individual coordinate calcop or stored sequences of commands.

In addition to ca,comp coordinate data to the host computer, digitizers often accept commands from the host computer governing the operating characteristics of the digitizer. Hence, they cannot be changed without redesigning the digitizer or recreating the application program on the host processor.

These regions will do so by selectively allowing the drawing regions coordinate system to be rotated between 0 and degrees depending on which of Region 5 through Region 8 – are activated. Sets the coordinate system X and Y origin of the region or region group addressed to the third and fourth packets, respectively. Digitizers are computer peripherals that translate a user’s hand motion into digital coordinates suitable for use by a xalcomp system. The relevant Caocomp commands for the Stored Procedure in each region are then specified and are dependent on the intended action of each region.


This signal is provided by outputting from the BIU to the PIO system address line SA 1 both in its nominal state and inverted state through hex inverter If you are inexperienced with updating Calcomp device drivers manually, we highly recommend downloading the Calcomp Driver Utility.

Unlike response or command packets, event packets do not contain command or error codes but instead a bit mask indicating the type of events which occurred and whether the packet contains coordinate data.

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Then, if multiple logical tablets have been assigned to the device, these coordinates are used to determine in which logical tablet the coordinate calcom by use of a simple look-up table which then selects the appropriate tablet configuration for further processing. The command set of the Interface can be grouped into five major categories: Then, the sign bit ccalcomp each coordinate value X and Y are tested and, if set, require setting the most-significant bit in each coordinate word to indicate the coordinate is negative in two’s complement binary notation.

The clock timing for the microprocessor 38 is provided via a clock crystal 44 connected to capacitors 50 – 52 grounded to match the parallel impedance of the crystal.