Be the first to review this item. Upon opening the box, the contents themselves are securely packed away within a sturdy brown cardboard package. Certain specific key gaming areas of the keyboard have hard wearing metal plated key caps. Ok but too many problems It would be good but the drivers just don’t work on windows 7,8 and 10, and when you have installed it the lights don’t work you get the lights working and then the keys don’t work and so on, too much fafing about with poor drivers as they are not supported past Vista, keys feel wobbly and cheap. This control serves 2 purposes and allows you to switch between Normal Mode and Cyborg Mode. Mad Catz is one of the leading providers of products for the interactive entertainment industry.

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Independently Controlled Cyborg v7 keyboard Backlighting Highlight key gaming areas such as WASD keys, arrow keys, Mad Catz keys, and the numeric keypad by independently adjusting cyborb illumination from the rest of the keyboard.

Additional Product Features Wireless Type. Awesome keyboard and for the price it’s sure not to disappoint you. Certain specific key gaming areas of cyborg v7 keyboard keyboard have hard wearing metal plated key caps.

Saitek Cyborg V7 (CCB43107U0B2041) Keyboard

The front feet shown in the main picture above are of fixed height and can only be set either up or down. The same logic applies for the lighting colour indicator, dependant on cyborg v7 keyboard mode you are in. Most of the supplied downloadable profiles tend to map single cyborg v7 keyboard or functionality to a single Game key e. For anyone who does have difficulty installing them, try this: Our anti-spam protection requires that you enable JavaScript in your browser to be able to comment!


Saitek Cyborg V7 (CCBU0B) Keyboard | eBay

Amazing keyboard, such a pleasure to use. This was my first ever experience with backlighting on a keyboard gasp! Only the overall colour and brightness of the keyboard illumination can be changed, no specific areas can be set independantly and the Game Keys are also not lit.

Additionally, lighting zones can be set on cyborg v7 keyboard keyboard independently. Subscribe to comments feed.

Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 Gaming Keyboard for PC MCBN0B2/04/1 B&H

In Cyborg mode, cyborg v7 keyboard the brightness is changed, only the selected section will be adjusted. The touch pad portion on the top, the plastic cover is ripping cyborg v7 keyboard it makes it almost UN-responsive 2. There are 5 available colours to choose from including red, green, lime green, amber and orange no blue!?

The indicators again flash to indicate when they have been pressed.

Apart from this, it is a really nice keyboard with great features! The keys are also more spaced apart than my existing keyboard which helped keybaord the wrong keys being pressed by cyborg v7 keyboard and the overall layout of the keys is good.

On both the left and right hand edges of the keyboard are the Game keys. Mad Catz Button Use the Mad Catz button to instantly disable both Windows keys and avoid accidentally hitting one in cyborg v7 keyboard middle of an important cybrg. The cyborg v7 keyboard plated caps on the gaming keys are a nice additional feature and overall the keys are nice to use for long gaming sessions, I even typed up this review using the keyboard!

On the back of the box is again a picture of the keyboard, but this time with all the features graphically labelled as shown in the picture below. If you want any additional profiles that you may have dowloaded from Cyborg to appear on the menu, then keyboarrd cyborg v7 keyboard you copy the folder containing the files to the relevant folder on your system.


Pass-Through USB, Audio and Microphone Ports Pass-through ports for connecting devices like USB mice, headsets and microphones provide the convenience of providing a central location cyborg v7 keyboard your peripherals.

I just received my MadCatz Cyborg V. You can mix shades from red through amber to green, then watch as through-the-key ‘trueview’ illuminates the keyboard. The cyborg v7 keyboard will deselect after a while if no other indicator controls are pressed.

Amazing keyboard, worth the money. Overall I found the software very intuitive and cyborg v7 keyboard to use, and the only issue I had was not really being creative enough! Luckily my first experience has not been tainted, as this keyboard has plenty of backlighting customisation available.

Win Cyborg V7 gaming keyboard with MyGaming

I easily created various macros and advanced commands and they worked really quite well once I got the timings correct timings can be set manually or are recorded as keyboqrd when you type a key. You can also set a profile to load when you start your PC which I thought was a nice touch, especially if you play the same game alot and may cyborg v7 keyboard to set it.

The volume indicator can be pressed at either side to lower or raise the volume cyborg v7 keyboard has 5 bars in the middle which illuminate to indicate the current volume setting.

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