This is a good place for them, and having all of the case connector headers in one line instead of the usual two-pin-wide block makes them easier to access. The same thing, but without the video. The CUV This is a funny lookin’ motherboard. You can push past MHz with an overclock-friendly motherboard and a processor that happens to have some speed headroom, and you can crank up the RAM speed to match. I wasn’t expecting to see a big difference between these two boards for any test.

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There’s a connector on the board for two more USB ports, by the way, but you don’t p6is-aii the actual ports-and-cable thingy that lets you use the connector. The main Via chip’s under this hefty black-anodised heat sink, which has considerably more surface area than the usual low profile jobbies.

P6ISA-II – ECS ELITEGROUP Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS

The P6IPA’s manual says it can take up to 1. It’s possible to use all of the slots, but don’t bet that you’ll be able to. Including the RAM slots. But the test results are far from uncoloured by the rest of the system, unlike those from pure CPU benchmarks.

ECS P6ISA-II(V1.1) instruction manual and user guide

The same thing, but without the video. Asus’ page for the CUV They deliver impressive raw-memory-bandwidth speed increases, pretty much right in line with the RAM bus speed. But the quality of your RAM matters a lot less. You can change FSB and voltages using jumpers and DIP switches, as well, but you get access to more settings by using the default “jumperless” mode. By a big 2. You can also change the CPU core voltage; again, you have to use manual jumpers to do it. Less than thirty-freakin’-five U.


In software mode, everything you see on the screen is put there by the CPU, flogging away at main memory and using the graphics card as nothing but a dumb frame buffer. Fast RAM can help noticeably for games, but most of the RAM-flogging that happens while you’re playing a 3D game is on your graphics card, not on the computer’s main memory.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the thing that looks like a sixth PCI slot at the end of the board, but is out of step with the others and the wrong way around, is actually an Audio Communication Riser ACR slot, which is one of those ces that only computer assembly companies need worry about.

Overclocking If you want to run your CPU faster than stock, both of these boards can do it, but the Asus is better. Since Q2 came out when every game-playing sapient life form wasn’t guaranteed to have some sort of 3D ecss, it’s possible for it to squirt frames to the screen without help from the auxiliary processor on efs graphics card. Want a fast Intel-based PC? The CUV This is a funny lookin’ motherboard. No harm done; the board hasn’t ended up huge, and the RAM slot placement means the memory retaining clips are p6osa-ii not to foul on the video card.

Running any Socket processor from 3. The CUV tops that by a large margin. Business apps, games, Internet applications; none of them care much about RAM speed. Indeed, many motherboards don’t give you a choice; the two bus speeds are locked together.


Asus CUV266 versus ECS P6IPA

Quantity of RAM certainly matters; you need enough memory to stop your operating system, or any heavyweight applications you run, from having to pound away at hard disk virtual memory. Why the huge price difference? As well as plain bass and treble adjust, there are karaoke features – three reverb modes, a vocal deleter that does the job without totally submerging the tune in funny underwater distortion effects, and also up to four tones of pitch shift, up or down.

But you have ces move a jumper on the board for each of those changes.

Scs I fired up Q2 in byno sound, and had at the industry standard Demo2, Massive1 and Crusher demos. Things aren’t like that in Australia.

ECS P6ISA-II(V) Motherboard download instruction manual pdf

They both have p6isa–ii RAM slots, but their maximum memory limitations are quite different. Even if you go for a more expensive EP board like the Black Pearl, you’re still only paying two thirds as much as the DDR board costs. You can crank the voltage all the way from 1. A stunning advance in PC sound this is not, but better than the usual pack-in utilities it is.