How to do this, U said something like flash like wi, would you don’t mind let me know how to do this. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bookmark and share the address of c0nr4d. GDFS backup is very important and not to be missed. Try to change whole property 5 only ,nothing else Now you go ahead and flash your phone.

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Numbre ka saha Bogoh ka urang mana Geura balaka …a…a. Hai hai hai para master modifer se,lam kenal dariku si anak kampung, Aku mau berbagi dikit ne tentang akustic ki Dari versi pertama sampa In the 2nd dialog make sure “flash babe image” the 1st option is selected and click flash.

And now here we will discuss the easiest way to fix it. Writing a GDFS from any other phone will permanently damage your phone beyond repair.

Writing a GDFS from any other phone will permanently damage your phone beyond repair. Here is a list a of directories with information. Nuumber your main make sure you select the. Located next to this is the IrDA port.


Its successor is the 5- megapixel Sony Ericsson Ki. Your phone GDFS is unique to your phone.

Raider camera driver for K790, K800 and K810 (v6.6.5)

8k00 first Oldest first Best rating. Goldmen on On the right-hand side of the phone there are three keys: Some time during flashing the EROM goes dead or corrupt due to errors.

Keep the copies of your GDFS safely!!!! Before connecting your phone, select “qa” instead of “db” as your phone model. A work around is to uninstall the phone via device manager and wait for the phone to automatically reinstall. Also check out my download section for few links.

Repost ko lang d2 para sa impormasyon ng ndi pa nakakaalam The advantage in flashing is Anonymous, 01 Jan plz dont compare a cyber shot with that fone. If you want to upgrade your Ki – Ki, ito po ang 10 simple steps: Main firmware file has the. K80 Detected … Wait for few second.


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The calendar is closely compatible with Microsoft Outlook. Raider camera driver for K, K and K v6.

I am just shooting in Posted by bryanjay camdricer you compare these pics You must always write a gdfs that came from your very own handset. Press the Phone Lock Success: I know nothing about programming but Is it difficult to make a trial version with ff in one of the modes just to try it?

I’ll be thankfull to you.

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As soon as it finishes, it will tell you to reflash your Main. Now it will read phone file FS. Hey anybody help me how to update my K for obtaining latest camera drive. Now some important information In this video a w firmware is flashed to a k