Earbuds means that the right and left sides of the headphones are separated and will fit securely into the ear. An electrical signal is applied to the metal plates to create an electrical field which, depending on its polarity, draws the speaker diaphragm toward one of the plates which forces air through the perforations in the diaphragm which generates the sound wave. Corded means that the headphones use a cord to transfer the audio signal. Please refer to your subwoofer’s owner’s manual for the proper wiring of its terminals. With 3D G4ME 1 the microphone signal is carefully converted without buzzing or hissing and the smallest whisper to the loudest shout is reproduced with ease. Water Resistant This refers to the level of water resistance of the fitness tracker. Noise-Canceling Noise Reduction technology removes unwanted noise from a signal.

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These mics can be used for music devices like iPods, for Smartphones to make and receive calls, or for gaming purposes. Headphone Connection This is how the headphones connect to the audio source. Material Refers to materials used to build the headphones. The higher the number, the more efficient the speaker and the louder it will play with the same input power.

Last Drivers  SHARP MX-2600N DRIVERS

Some headphones go inside the ear, while others rest on the outside of the ear. We recommend that you confirm your speaker sizes.

Sennheiser PC 323D

Built-In Microphone This means that the headphones or earbuds have a built-in microphone. The optimal range is 20 – 20, Hz which is the range of human hearing. Main Product The main product in the box. We apologize This item zennheiser been discontinued. Accessories Accessories included with the headphones.

Sennheiser PC D Dolby Digital Gaming Headset Headphones

On-the-go headphones are lightweight and often fold up for easy storage and portability. The physical design of the driver in the headphones. Acoustic Principle The basic design of the headphones. All trademarks and trade names are sennheiseer property of their respective trademark holders. Headphone Type This is the design of the earpieces on 323 headphones. Features A gaming must-have 7. Average Attribution Rating Durability. They have an input in one or both earcups for use as a corded headphone while they also have a built-in battery for use as Bluetooth wireless headphones.

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A planar magnetic driver is made up of a large membrane suspended between two sets of oppositely aligned magnets. An electric charge is applied to the membrane to induce movement and produce sound waves.


You can pinpoint even the slightest sounds and stay one step ahead of the competition. This headset features stunning Sennheiser stereo sound.

After all, it’s capable of 7. Against Flimsy build quality A bit pricey.

Background or ambient noise can be removed to produce clearer speech and enhanced hearing. Be the first to review this item. Specifically For Some headphones can use an IR Transmitter in your vehicle, while some can be plugged into your media device and be used on the go or at home. This is the typical headphone type. Corded means that the headphones use a cord to transfer the audio signal.

Get exclusive discounts, special coupons with savings and the latest product releases. There are 3 different types: Product Highlights Virtual 7.

Audiophile Audiophile headphones represent some of the finest headphones available.