Feature noise limiting technology so that your little ones don’t damage their ears listening to music too loud. Select Additional Details for or Change Vehicle. At g it’s a veritable featherweight, but whatever started off on the drawing board as low-fatigue and sleek just comes off as flimsy. The volume control on the right ear feels unnervingly loose, and we doubt the plastic headband could survive even one vehement rage-quit. Only top quality materials are used and the attention to detail is superb. It’s great for giving you a sense that the in-game sounds being pumped into your brain are coming from all around. Open-acoustic designed ear-cups are ideal for long gaming sessions and the pro-noise cancelling microphone ensures crystal clear conversations with teammates.

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They are a bit heavy, but you hardly notice. There are 3 different types: Only top quality materials are used and the attention to detail is superb. Compatible Systems Refers to what system s these headphones are compatible with.

An electrical signal is applied to the metal plates to create an electrical field which, depending on its polarity, draws the speaker diaphragm toward one sennheiseer the plates which forces air through the perforations in the diaphragm which generates the sound wave.


Sensitivity An efficiency or sensitivity rating tells you how effectively a speaker converts power into sound. These headphones are made to stay in or on the ear during workouts.

Sennheiser PC 323D

Comments or Aftermarket gear installed? Get exclusive discounts, special coupons with savings and the latest product releases. OnTech Spot “The headphone is very comfortable if you want to use it for a long time.

The sound is clear and crisp, and the surround sound is a great feature for hearing the enemy player whose about to knife you in the back! Accessories Accessories included with the headphones. Item Added to Cart. Corded or Bluetooth means that the headphones can be used as corded headphones or as Bluetooth headphones.

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The built-in sound card gives your game the audio boost it deserves Portable Includes a protective carrying pouch. First things first – the PC D does offer some impressive aural swathes. For more information go to: An electric charge is applied to the membrane sennhheiser induce movement and produce sound waves.

Built-In Microphone This means that the headphones or earbuds have a built-in microphone. Based on 0 reviews.

Sennheiser PC D Specs – CNET

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Recommended Accessories View All. Main Product The main product in the box. The large, cushioned closed ear cups are designed to block out ambient noise and immerse you in your games.


The microphone lives up to Sennheiser’s usual high standards in both audio fidelity and build, once again built with a satisfying mute click when the mic arm’s pushed up. Usually are found on the larger headphones. Headphone Type This is the design of the earpieces on the headphones. With an encouraging track record like that, this new D set can’t veer too far off course, can it? Easy online ordering and super fast shipment and of course a great price. An efficient speaker helps you maximize your available power.

The image depicted shows the resistance change when wiring multiple subwoofer terminals. The noise-canceling microphone helps eliminate ambient noise and delivers clean, clear sound while the adjustable boom arm keeps the mic where you want it when needed and out of the way when not in use. Most often, the right and left ear buds are two separate pieces.